Is Giving Utility to Millions for Free

TheKraft launches twitter poll system to onboard tokenized projects and nft collections that can be collected using ETH and other tokens.

One of the amazing features of TheKraft is the ability to support any ERC-20 token. There are 5 tokens currently being integrated with 2 tokens already supported by the platform.

Every Monday the community votes who goes into battle. Tuesday-Friday one poll a day. Each winner gets into the finalist selection which will be presenting in a poll on Saturday and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

TheKRAFT is a community driven project and is currently reviewing community voted projects for addition to theKraft. Once a project is chosen, their native token is added to theKraft as another way to acquire and collect your NFTs.

This builds exposure for all projects involved. Not to mention the ease of use and timeless design that theKraft presents.

New to NFTS? Check out theKraft university to find out all there is to know about NFTs and their possible uses.

Check out our links below:
TheKraft University



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PIKA is a community based token, which aims to connect the millions of Pikachu lovers globally. Our future plans involve NFT’S & Charity events. 16/03/2021