The Next Big Thing in Play to Earn

3 min readSep 13, 2022

Gaming is quickly becoming one of the most popular new hobbies people are developing all over the world, especially mobile gaming. And what better environment to introduce people to crypto? More often than not, gamers have slightly more technical know-how than non-gamers. Gaming also helps create a more adventurous lifestyle, even if just mentally. A stimulating act, that builds comradery, decision making skills, hand-eye coordination and more depending on gaming style. All these reasons are why we here at GameFi™ quickly realized a free-to-play game would be a great way to get more people knowledgeable about crypto and the benefits of defi and p2p currencies.

Cyber Fighters is a beat-em-up style, meme-coin themed game on multiple blockchains. You play as a cybernetically enhanced Pika (mouselike mountain dweller) and fight meme-coin based characters like Doge and Shibu. Gameplay is similar to the older Ninja Turtles and other side-scrolling style fighting SNES and SEGA games.

Anyone can play for free after simply downloading the game from their phone’s corresponding application store. Although it is fun to play, and free. All playable characters are actually NFTs and by owning some of these NFTs you can earn while playing and even earn while OTHER players are playing the game if you own one of the 25 generals. This is clearly explained in the game’s tutorial and a little bit on the mission completion page.

There are pages and links to tutorials that help people in setting up a wallet, purchasing some crypto, and even ways to use crypto to passively earn rewards via staking and other methods. There are fun ways to learn about arbitrage, decentralized finance and other financial terminology and processes.

Initial release of Cyber Fighters has 5 playable characters and is currently in Open BETA right now! (v0.8) Check out our discord and head over to rules to see the download links for beta.

We believe that crypto unites people and strive also to make that a reality in this ever-changing world. That is why we also have partnered with awesome companies like Haste Arcade,, and many more. See our full list of official partners at

Here is a general overview of the game:

⦁ Players defeat enemies and earn points called Karrots by completing missions.
⦁ There are different kinds of missions as well, blitz wave, caravan and stealth.
⦁ Blitz-wave mission is just a free for all beat-em-up style
⦁ Caravan is where an item must be guarded and taken to the levels exit ⦁ stealth requires users to fight and avoid enemies to reach finish (coming V2.0).
⦁ Leaderboard will be available in-between the initial release and the full release.
⦁ The leaderboards based off of different stats.
⦁ Most importantly, if you own one of our P2E NFTs you can also exchange Karrots for PIKA.

Only Karrots earned while owning one of our P2E NFTs, like a Cyber Rogue or Galactic Mouse can be traded for PIKA, an ERC-20 token. This PIKA can be evolved to METRA, Staked for compounding profits in ETH and PIKA, purchasing NFTs on, Liquidity Provisions and so MUCH MORE.

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PIKA is a community based token, which aims to connect the millions of Pikachu lovers globally. Our future plans involve NFT’S & Charity events. 16/03/2021