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POLYGON retains strong price index during latest Crypto Liquidation

SWITZERLAND — Polygon’s MATIC network is emerging as the leading side-chain after woes of solana and other sidechains. Although it continues to follow the downtrend in the market as of the last week it is down only ~12% compared to AVAX ~33%, SOL ~60%, ETH ~22% and ADA ~20%. Showing its resilience in the recent crypto price plunge.

The strength and utility as well as dedication behind POLYGON’s MATIC was the reason PIKA launched on the side chain over a year ago, with the team’s confidence being rewarded time and time again. Decisions like these are only one of the reasons our community’s faith is being well placed in the decisions the PIKA CRYOTO team makes, as we continue to develop our ecosystem on Polygon. Our developers continue to find ways to provide only the best experience for crypto users in GameFi and PIKA.

Also our marketplace, TheKRAFT.io is designed to operate on the polygon chain as well as the Ethereum main-net. This allows users to benefit from the low gas fees and strength of the polygon chain as it continues to acquire more users and develop utility. It is currently ranked 7th on Coinbase with 93% of holders actively buying over the last 24 hours. It was only a week ago that JP MORGAN made its first DEFI transaction on POLYGON:

“JPMorgan carried out the transaction on Ethereum layer2 network Polygon because of its cheap transaction fees, and leveraged Aave Protocol’s permissioned pool concept.” Source — https://cryptoslate.com/jpmorgan-executes-first-defi-transaction-on-polygon/

Another likely reason for the resilience is the continued partnerships being formed with not only web3 but also web2 companies like META’s Instagram; which will be using POLYGON to mint NFTs on Instagram. Another large company recently working with POLYGON is DISNEY, a household name that is sure to bring many more users actively buying and selling MATIC. Indications are clear as wallet address’ and unique users continue to grow on the POLYGON network. This too will benefit PIKA Crypto as one of the early tokens to be launched on POLYGON. Users familiar with MATIC and are already in an easy position to acquire PIKA whose contract can be found on polygon here: PIKA on MATIC:0xffb89d7637cf4860884ed48b57ae5562bf64e10f

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Article by Matthew Gooch, blockchain expert and Gamefi Board Member.



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PIKA is a community based token, which aims to connect the millions of Pikachu lovers globally. Our future plans involve NFT’S & Charity events. 16/03/2021