PIKA to Lead The Way For GameFi Ltd

2 min readOct 6, 2022

GameFi has been listening to the ideas and suggestions of our community and has developed some changes to the ecosystem.

There was a lot of concern over using PIKA as the reward for playing the Cyber Fighters game while owning a Cyber Rogues NFT. We ran a lot of scenarios using Metra and Pika for different reasons within the game. The goal was to create a scenario where users are rewarded for keeping their tokens in the system through encouraging evolution and staking.

After A LOT of testing and feedback from users, other projects that have done this, and as well as results from our recent tests, we have decided to reward players in ETH. The biggest concern from PIKA holders in the community was the increased sell pressure paying players in PIKA would create. It is unrealistic to expect enough people to persist in the ecosystem to drive an effective rewards payout system for long.

So to ensure an effective and sustainable payout system, holders of Cyber Rogues will be rewarded for playing Cyber Fighters in ETH. There will be different ways that players can earn the ETH rewards. How are we generating ETH? From the updated transaction fee of PIKA, we are able to supply ETH for rewards, development, and marketing.

The in game boosts as well as the booster packs will also be soon sold in PIKA and ETH, rather than METRA and PIKA as previously announced.

This brings with it some changes to the transaction tax for PIKA. Here is the new system :

7% goes to marketing, development, and rewards pool.
2% fee goes to Staking pays out in eth.
1% of all transactions burn pika.
New transaction fee total 10%.

With this, we are pushing to create a healthy buy pressure by incentivizing users to Buy and hold (burning supply to make the token more rare), Buy and stake (Rewards are paid out in ETH), And Buy to use in our ecosystem of assets.

GameFi continues to build off of ideas from our community, other projects, suggestions, and more to create a more diverse and universally praised ecosystem. As PIKA grows, we will continue to add utility to this and we hope our followers expect nothing less than the best of our abilities.

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PIKA is a community based token, which aims to connect the millions of Pikachu lovers globally. Our future plans involve NFT’S & Charity events. 16/03/2021