PIKA Partners with RadioShacks Revolutionary DeFi Swap

RadioShack is a longstanding company. I remember going there as a kid, looking through the drawers of capacitors, resisters and other misc electronic bits as if I knew what I was looking for. But really just being amazed by the sheer amount of small devices that modern technology is made out of. RadioShack has stood the test of time, lasting over 100 years in the technology industry. A company this longstanding is clearly no stranger to adaptation and thorough research and development.

Their HQ is in Forth Worth, Texas. With thousands of locations all over the globe and a strong presence, it comprises independently owned locations as well as an ecommerce website radioshack.com and over 400 Authorized Dealers in the U.S.

As social media develops and generational trends rapidly change, Radioshack stays on top with its Unprecedented and hilarious tweets. Using memes, slang, and all around shocking subjects, this makes them stand out above all other Major companies on twitter. To make a comeback into the eye of social media, sometime you need to get edgy and they have accomplished this with perfection. Gaining traction in the medias eye, they are pushing the boundaries and building an empire with partnerships, media domination, and elaborate blockchain tokenomics.

RadioShack is sending a loud and clear signal with is rapid assimilation of blockchain technology into inclusive and user friendly applications. GameFi is merely one of the many recent partners of RadioShack in the crypto sphere and will continue to work with and cross promote like minded companies with clear goals, transparent development and application of products and inclusively engineered software. #WAGMI

The partnership means that GameFi’s Tokens are available on RadioShack.org.
PIKA is available right now! With METRA and KI coming soon!

TheKraft.io is another application designed for scalability and security. GameFi is proud to announce the integration of RadioShack’s tokens onto TheKRAFT by the end of September 2022. RADIO, SHACK, and BUILD will all be available on TheKraft.io, users can sell and buy NFTs using RadioShacks tokens.

Check out RadioShacks Links below:

Check out Pika Cyrpto Website:
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PIKA is a community based token, which aims to connect the millions of Pikachu lovers globally. Our future plans involve NFT’S & Charity events. 16/03/2021