Introduction to TheKraft NFT Marketplace

2 min readSep 7, 2022

What is TheKraft NFT Marketplace?

TheKraft is GameFi’s first entrance into the NFT space, bringing both the artistic and gaming world onto one platform. There are many things that make this marketplace unique in an ocean of various NFT platforms.
TheKraft is created for users by users.

We looked at current marketplaces and what were the pain points and how can we build solutions. One issue was high marketplace fees, solution was to drop the marketplace fee to 2% and undercutting all other marketplaces. Another issue was minting up front, solution was to create a lazy minting solution so users wouldn’t have to pay gas upfront for creating NFTs. This solution helps artist who are just starting out or may not have funds to mint a collection, making NFTs more accessible to users.

A huge issue we noticed was there are more and more crypto currencies out there and they don’t have utility yet. The question became, “how do we encourage the crypto space to consistently grow and have utility for users to enjoy?” Our solution was simple, we will start adding these newer tokens to TheKraft Marketplace so users can sell/buy NFTs with their favorite token.
As some put it, “The Degen Marketplace”.

We have developed an auto-swap feature on the back end of our marketplace. What does this mean? This means the artist can choose what they want to get paid in and users can pay in any of the ERC-20 tokens we have listed. This allows you to list NFTs in ETH and get paid in your native token. This translates to a BUY order on the chart for that token and pumps the token price. On the flip side, this also allows users to list NFTs in any native token and get paid in ETH. This is an easy and quick way to incentivize activity and trading for smaller tokens that want to add to their community.

With Our Marketplace, we have created a free to access “TheKraft University”. TheKraft university is a way for newcomers to web3 space to learn about NFTs. Users will learn; what are NFTs, how to create a NFT, how to buy NFT and more.

In conclusion…
We are creating a NFT marketplace with lower fees, Multi-token system, lazy minting, onsite games, and a user interface created for the user by the user. We are looking to build a bridge from web2 users to web3 users with simplicity, classes, and broader reach of tokens to choose from.

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TheKraft University




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