GameFi Plans Cyber Fighters Expansion

Even as GameFi prepares to release the first Alpha version of Cyber Fighters, development is still ongoing for an expansion to the functions and playability of Cyber Fighters.

Cyber Fighters’ first alpha release will be the standalone, free-to-play, single player version. Players will be able to complete missions and compete to rank on the leaderboards. In the first expansion, players will be able to start competition pools. This will allow players to compete against each other for P2P prize pools. There will be some entry to the pool with specific time and goal. Once the time has elapsed the pool rewards go to the person ranked the highest in relation to the pool goals.

There will also be the ability to boost your earnings. A simple process where you juice up your characters abilities for a short period of time, allowing you to more easily complete missions. Another feature under development is the ability to customize your character, battle bosses, and play with your friends.

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