Cyber Rogues Successfully Launch on Testnet

2 min readSep 15, 2022

The Cyber Rogues have Successfully been launched on ETH’s testnet Rinkeby. We will be confirming that it also functions as intended after the Merge later today.

GameFi is dedicated to bringing the finest products to it’s community and strives to do due diligence in ensuring the functionality and security of its products. Using testnets and encouraging members from the community to try our products before final release helps us integrate the features that are desired from the people that will use it.

With Cyber Rogues Multi-layer NFTs and variable rarities, it creates a dynamic position for the consumer to buy an NFT and get some profit because of the rarity minted. This collection locking in at 7777 total will make sure that the collection doesn’t get over inflated and value only increases. Each person will get their own unique Cyber rogue that will truly be their own.

Next is integrating the earning mechanisms into the portal. Players that earn at least 7777 Test tokens will be entered into a raffle for a free Cyber Rogue!

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