Cyber Fighters and its P2E NFT’s are a Game Changer

2 min readSep 14, 2022

Cyber Fighters and it’s P2E NFTs are a Game Changer Cyber Fighters is an exciting, stand alone, Free-to-Play game that also has ways you can earn while playing and even when not playing.

GameFi’s team decided that having a free-to-play game was an excellent way to get people in an engaging environment introduced to cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other blockchain technologies. Following true to their name, it’s only natural that the game has many ways to not only play but also EARN. Being incorporated into PIKA and METRA not only brings utility to those tokens but also helps GameFi’s overall tokenomic ecosystem thrive!

There are many ways that players can earn while, and after, playing Cyber Fighters, in fact, you don’t even have to play the game to earn from it. Partly because the game is integrated into an already GameFi driven tokenomics system, with unique features like evolution LP provision contracts and more. Also, because by simply owning a Cyber Rogue General you can earn while others play the game.

Mix it up too! We don’t want you wasting your precious time and money on something for nothing! So say you play it for a little while and it seems fun, so you acquire a Cyber Rogue NFT, earn some PIKA… Now what? How about adding your PIKA to the staking pool? Earning ETH and PIKA with compounding rewards. Get tired of the game, you could then re-sell your Cyber Rogue NFT and keep earning from the staked PIKA.

Don’t have time to play everyday? We will be adding features that will allow you to rent out your Cyber Rogue NFTs to other players so both parties can profit!

There are also 3rd party applications hosted by companies we have partnered with where you can use your Cyber Fighter skills to earn. For example, one of the levels will be available on Haste Arcade, users will be able to place on the leaderboards and earn peer-to-peer rewards passively so long as they stay on top. Crazy Right?!

The way it works is you join and then you can pay an amount, whether its 10 cents or 100 dollars to play the level and try to rank on the top of the corresponding leaderboard, if you do place, then you earn up to 10% of what other players pay to try to beat you. The leaderboards reset anywhere from 1 day to 6 months so there are many dynamics that make it challenging and fun for everyone.

It doesn’t stop there, Cyber Fighters’ P2E NFT collection Cyber Rogues is just a portion of what GameFi has to offer!

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