A Brief History of GAMEFI and PIKA

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From the ashes of a rugged meme project, PIKA emerged. The first step was to remove the ability of the bad actors and original devs to continue to damage the community, so a group of investors and community members banded together to create the new contract the would become today’s PIKA.

A manual swap was setup with the rug-pulling and original developer associated wallets being blocked from the swap. It was a success and over 1 million in liquidity along with a couple thousand community members moving into the new project a vote was held as to where to go next.

Three project ideas dominated the communities discussions of the future of PIKA, a token swap, an NFT platform and a mobile game. The newly formed core team decided that the NFT platform would be best as it would allow them to also launch their own NFTs for future games.

So TheKRAFT.io was born. Created entirely in house and separate from OpenSea, which has been dominating the ETH based NFT world. In order to better assist new users theKRAFT university was created alongside it to educate and inform people on how to create their own NFTs and NFT contracts.

Once that was established the task of creating a game begun. All of this to create utility for PIKA and bring solidity to the token. We also decided to completely legitimize the project by forming an official corporation, based in Switzerland.

It took some time and a LOT of paperwork but finally a company was formed, to further distance from possible lawsuits from Nintendo, the companies name became GameFI. And the team immediately trademarked the term. Now with GameFi owning the intellectual rights of the decentralized PIKA Token. Real partnerships could be formed and contracts with other projects could be legally binding. Bringing solidity to the future of PIKA and easing the minds of future investors.

So now the monumental task of creating a game was started, and a game focused around the roots of PIKA, meme coins and crypto. At first we thought about making a game where you had to purchase NFTs just to play, to help with revenue and development costs. But soon decided we would NOT go the way of traditional Pay the Play games, disguised as P2E with upfront costs, but make a hybrid where users had the ability to play for free, eventually earning NFTs that would allow them to earn.

The game, Cyber Fighters, is now weeks away from launching on mobile app stores, the BETA has been live for a few months know as we worked out the final bugs and balanced the game mechanics. Version one will be single player with Version two adding multiplayer and betting pools to be released once development is completed.

But this only the start, now that some viable products have been made, its time to take them to MARKET, so currently (while development of products continue) we are creating ambassador programs and implementing marketing strategies to help hasten our growth of the community.

As with the crypto market in general things have been going quite slow the past few months and some users have sold their tokens in fear. HOWEVER, PIKA is not dying, as you can see from doing your own research, the team is active everywhere and strongly developing more upgrades and products behind the scenes giving announcements as milestones are reached.

It’s simply that PIKA has been following the downtrend as all tokens have been and in fact, PIKA token has remained much more stable than other tokens, just compare it to similar projects and its clearly doing much better. Once the sector and market begin to trend upwards, its obvious that PIKA will too, reaching new all time highs. PIKA investments will boost its revenues as products are continued to be released and developed over the next couple of years. Currently the token is very cheap with 100x-500x possibilities being achievable, the TEAM and COMPANY are in this for the LONG RUN.

Article by Matthew Gooch — Blockchain Expert and GameFi Board Member



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PIKA is a community based token, which aims to connect the millions of Pikachu lovers globally. Our future plans involve NFT’S & Charity events. 16/03/2021